During the scheduled maintenance window we carry out preventive maintenance on the zeuz control panel (ZCP) tools and infrastructure. 

In practice, the maintenance downtime is usually less than five seconds, and will not affect:

  • The zeuz API.

  • Payloads that are running.

However, during this short window, you may experience:

  • A delay of up to five seconds when using the zeuz tool or the ZCP. You may notice a temporary outage on the ZCP Dashboard metrics display but this recovers quickly.

  • An error when attempting to upload or publish images. A retry normally resolves this, otherwise you should raise a ticket with Support.

Our release windows are Mondays and Wednesdays, 10:00 UK to 10:30 UK (which is UTC or UTC+1 based on daylight savings time).

Note: We inform customers in advance if a scheduled downtime is expected to be longer than normal, or if there will be significant changes in the ZCP functionality directly as a result of the maintenance.